Congress has failed to protect Dreamers. Lawmakers have held hundreds of votes since DACA was rescinded but not a single vote to protect Dreamers in the House. Now, a bipartisan effort to force the House to vote on legislation to protect Dreamers is gaining momentum and we are just three votes away from forcing a debate and vote in the House.

Dreamers are doing their jobs every day yet Congress refuses to step up and do theirs.

Call Congress today. Tell them to do their job: just vote.

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent.

I’m calling today because I’m asking you to sign on to the Discharge Petition to force a vote on H.Res. 774, which would allow for the House to vote and debate immigration legislation.

Dreamers around the country are living with the constant threat of losing DACA protections and it is time for Congress to take a stand and vote.

There have been hundreds of votes in the House of Representatives since September, but zero were focused on protecting Dreamers.

Congress should take one afternoon to vote on meaningful legislation to protect Dreamers.

You can fix this — now. Only Congress has the authority to write and enact laws, and there is no reason to delay a vote on legislation to protect Dreamers.

The call tool below will automatically connect you with Member offices back-to-back.
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First NameLast NameDistrict
DonBaconNE-02 (R)
JoeBartonTX-06 (R)
DanNewhouseWA-04 (R)
TomRooneyFL-17 (R)
PeterRoskamIL-06 (R)
DennisRossFL-15 (R)
MichaelSimpsonID-02 (R)